Friday, March 9, 2012

Common Core State Standards: High School

Hi Class

I watched the video related to the implementation of the Common Core Standards at two High Schools in New York City. There are teachers explaining how they switched from the State Standards to the new Common Core Standards; how they attend to precision, and how they go deeper in fewer subjects. Also they try to be more oriented to help solve real world problems and to help students to be ready for college or for the working world. Also they are oriented to teach a subject in many ways, and to learn that there are many ways to solve a problem.

The Common Core Standards for mathematics and English are ready and they are being introduced in some schools. The assessments won’t be ready until 2014; that is an important missing part for the teachers because they don’t know yet how the students will be evaluated.

I am optimistic about the new Common Core Standards. For what I saw on the video, there are modifications in very important aspects of education like having less information but having deep information. I feel lucky to start my new career when the new standards are being introduce because it is difficult to change when you are already on your track.

Just to end, I loved the English teacher’s quote, when he explained the new Common Core Standards for High School English: They want students “to read like a detective and to write like an investigator reporter”. It can’t go wrong…

What do you think? 

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  1. Heidi,

    I watched the video for elementary age students and found similar components to the video you watched. The administrators of the common core standards are getting students ready for college as early as Kindergarden. The way teachers in Chicago are reaching into students analytical minds is impressive. I see the common core standards as a way to possibly rejuvinate the minds of our youth and delve deeper in the critical reasoning. You made good points and I, too, am excited what we will be faced with when we get into our classrooms as educators.

    Thanks for your post!