Thursday, February 9, 2012

Point/Counter Point: is Blog Worth the Risk

Hi Guys:

After reading the article I thought that the two teachers interviewed have a positive approach for blogging as a useful tool for students and teachers: James Marlow says yes to blogging and he gives his arguments while Lisa Nielson was a blogger, but had a bad experience with the directive while blogging; she is not mentioning that she is against using a blog; she had a bad experience and says that it is not worth the risk, but never gave an argument against the tool per sé. Her arguments involved the society (school, school district, colleagues) in which she was immersed.

I liked the part where Marlow sais “..Injecting something of personal concern into our professional communication has a powerful humanizing and connective effect… The same applies in reverse: Adding professional commentary to our personal writings can enhance their positive impact when done with responsibility”. Because, in my opinion, a blog is a tool where you are expecting other people to make comments on what you are posting; giving a personal touch is what will make a difference with a standard report. That will remind our readers that we are human, that we can be funny, or concerned or sensible.But we can’t forget the security issues. We have to be cautious with our posts, we have to think that we are responsible for other people’s security and we can’t compromise that. We have to stop and think about the implications of what we are posting. And it is mandatory to educate our kids to do the same: to follow a protocol and the security indications that are the same for any social media, blog, wiki, etc.

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References:Maxlow J. and Nielson L. (May 2009). Point/Counterpoint Is Blogging Worth the Risk? ISTE, 7 (36). Retrieved from   



  1. Hi Heidy,

    I also liked the positive references they used towards bloggers. I agree that blogging is a great tool for people to carry out the conversations they want to share with friends and family under a social network! Of course we need to remember that blogging can be public so yes we must "think" before we "write". I think blogging is a great way to express yourself and has many positive and beneficial outcomes!

    See U Tues!

    Jessica Hanan

  2. Heidy,
    I completely agree that people should think before they write. A blog can be a great form of communication and bloggers expect to get some sort of reaction in the comments. Security issues are important and if bloggers do not want to see just anyone reading their blog, they probably should not write it in the first place. It was interesting how you saw that both teachers had a positive outlook on blogging. Just because Lisa Neilson had a bad experience, she isn't saying that it is not helpful; her colleagues just weren't a fan. Thanks for the insight!

    Kelly Murnane